Brazil, 25th November 2019

To International Union of Guides and Scouts of Europe – UIGSE-FSE

In the care of Federal Commissioner Bruno Borde and his Council

Four months ago some of us from the Association of Guides and Explorers of Brazil – AG&E, Brazilian Catholic Scout Movement had the grace and privilege to participated in Euromoot 2019. It was certainly a God’s gift in our lives, also in our association and in our Brazilian church.
The Brazil’s delegation was made up of 7 chiefs, together we formed the Saint Giovanni Bosco Clan, whose route was the Saint Benedict path, the High Mountains way – the hardest path of all. We have had a unique and profound experience with three other clans (Italy, Slovakia and Mexico), and especially with Mons. Cyril Vasiľ SI who made the route with us. Impossible to narrate Euromoot’s experiences in a few lines. We highlight three experiences in particular: the humility of an archbishop; the strength of youth; and the experience of unity.

Our First day was to board the bus with foreign delegations. Arriving at the Red Point, Abazzia de Trisulti, in the middle of the forest in the shadow of an imposing rock, we set up the camp, and Father Patrick our religious advisor was invited by Mons. Cyril to preside the Holy Mass for our group on the way of Saint Benedict.
Throughout the Mass we had moments in Portuguese, English, Italian, Spanish and Slovak. We learned that hierarchy is service and not power. The light that should shine is not the person, but the service.

The Second day after a very heavy rain was the day of Scriptorum. Experience of unity, brotherhood and spirituality. Hiking all day in the rain, without lacking care and love of each brother. Everyone helped each other.

Third day, it was of spirituality in Subiaco, on St. Benedict Monastery, guided by Mons. Cyril. Blue Point in Trevi Lazio, Council of Fire with many

Fourth day, Mass in the morning with the Lithuanians, the French and our group. Day of our Fire Council and to sleep in the woods.

Fifth day, the most hard, Santuario della Trinità, Vallepietra, our group (Italy, Slovakia, Mexico, Brazil), cohesive, united as brothers. After the day
of climbing we arrive at the international camp, Campo dell’Osso.
Received with great affection for all. Several were talking surpresed with the Brazil’s presence in Euromoot, wondering how the movement was growing in Brazil and how it is being applied the pedagogy by the FSE in our country. A surprise for everyone was the International Council fire, with 1,200 people. Unique and wonderful experience.

Sixth day, day of multicultural coexistence, day of relationship with everyone. Afternoon we had an activity between our St. Benedict group at Euromoot, a moment of fraternity, like a family that still have by digital means. At night a spectacular prayer’s moment! Living this, was a feeling of communion, we feel one with all.

Seventh day, we leave the camp and meet the Pope, meet more chiefs, see a sea of scouts and guides with one goal: to listen to the Holy Father.
To have a direction of the Pope, how not to get emotional!

We met our Federal Commissioner Bruno Borde personally, listening his voice: “I hope it was a good experience for you, now let’s walk… that we are always close; ask whatever you want. Let’s go move on!”
After meeting with the Holy Father we went to Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica. Liturgical zeal, love for the Eucharist, and Thanksgiving for Divine Providence for being there living with all of the FSE in the heart of the Church our faith.
Meeting Franziska Harter, Secretary of Union, after the closure was a great joy, because she was who helped us both before and during Euromoot. It was a pleasure! Her education, patience and sweetness, always supporting us, gave us strength and courage.
This was a great motivation for us to apply and spread the FSE pedagogy in Brazil. We are Catholics. We love Maria. We love the Holy Church and the Holy Father. We have very similar relationships. After this activity and with our Scout experiences, we were unanimous: UIGSE-FSE is our identification. This is what we want: “To be Catholic Scouts in UIGSE-FSE Pedagogy”.
We had several moments of physical burnout and seeing the foreign brothers jumping, singing and still playing power games. We reflect: they are truly healthy, strong and resilient young people.
Catholics ready to serve any time of the day or night. The sedentary lifestyle has no place in Scout spirituality. Our feeling is of deep gratitude to all for respect and brotherhood. The return that we can give to the UIGSE-FSE Federal Commission from what we have observed in Euromoot is the firm hope that God is leading our steps to bring this movement deeper and deeper into Brazilian soil.
Thanks to the Scout life that we share these days at Euromoot, we can understand that Catholic Scouting is not merely an outward experience of virtuous precepts set by Lord Robert Baden- Powell and perfected by the venerable Father Jacques Sevin. It goes far beyond… UIGSE-FSE Scouting is the materialization of the search for an internal reality of the people who want to live the Christianism. In our view, we are a prophetic people. We cannot keep this treasure for ourselves alone. God’s people cannot think that Catholic Scouting is only for an elite or some privileged.
How the gospel is for everyone and has its demands, Catholic Scouting must be imbued with the same spirit.
Our reality in Brazil is different from Europe. We have areas of great material poverty, slums, insecurity, ultra-urban areas far from any nature reference, etc. As members of the National Directorate, we have the mission of bringing this right of holy life to Catholics in all these realities over the years and decades, preparing Rovers Scouts and guides to undertake this mission, always in line with UIGSE-FSE pedagogy and guidance.
May God help us to be faithful to all that is proposed by UIGSE-FSE. May we fearlessly propose Scouting as a true model of evangelical life for all ages and never make it difficult, especially for the poorest and most unfortunate in nature.
Scouting throughout its history has adapted to various environments: sea, air, mountain, etc. If need be, Brazil can help Scouting advance to other environments more challenging than water and sky. May the Holy Spirit give us wisdom and may the Virgin Lady of the Scouts, intercede for each one of us throughout our history that we are building for our salvation, the salvation of others, and therefore for the greatest honor and glory of God. By the Spirits of the Just, made perfect in their suffering; Teach us in our turn, O Lord; To serve thee as we ought; To give, and not to count the cost; To fight, and not to heed the wounds; To toil and not to seek for rest; To labor and not to ask any reward, Save that of knowing that we do thy will. Amen!

Sincerely Yours,
Ch. Denis Duarte, RP